26 feb. 2015


When we speak or write we have two options. We can use the formula  sentence + sentence + sentence + sentence + ..... which doesn't sound too natural

          I like Sundays.
          I don't work on Sundays.
          I wake up at 8.30.
          I get up at 10.00.
          I have a big breakfast.
          I sometimes read the newspaper.
          I sometimes work in the garden.
          I go out for a walk.
          I have lunch with my family.
          We watch TV.
          We talk. 
          We don't work.
          We don't study.

Or we can link the sentences and the discourse using CONNECTORS (and, or, but, because) and SEQUENCERS (then, before/after breakfast, ...) which sounds a lot more natural, don't you think so?

I like Sundays because I don't work. I wake up at 8.30 but I get up at 10.00 and I have a big breakfast. Then I sometimes read the newspaper or work in the garden. Before lunch I go out for a walk. Then I have lunch with my family. After lunch we watch TV and talk. We don't work or study.

Now time for you to practise!!!!!


Write a composition about your favourite day and send it to your teacher!!


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