31 oct. 2014


Halloween is an ancient tradition celebrated on the night of october 31. The children dress in customes and go door-to-door collecting sweets, fruit, and other things. The cities, towns and villages are decorated and many houses too. But how much do you know about halloween?

30 oct. 2014


Would you like to practise a bit more the article in English? Why don't you try these exercises?

Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Exercise 3

29 oct. 2014


There are 4 demonstratives that, this, these and those. They are used to state the distance from the speaker.

    * "This" is used for singular nouns that are close to the speaker.

    * "That" is used for singular nouns that are far from the speaker.

    * "These" is used for plural nouns that are close to the speaker.

    * "Those" is used for plural nouns that are far from the speaker.

How good are you at using them? You can test yourself now. Take your notebook and a pen or pencil and go ahead!

28 oct. 2014


My, your, his, her, its, our and their are the possessive adjectives in English. They are used before a noun to show possession.

This is my book
Her name is Jane
He is happy with his family
They like their house very much

This powerpoint will help you understand them.

And now, time to practise. Do the exercises below.
Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Exercise 3

24 oct. 2014


Do you still have problems with the ABCs? Not a problem, here you can sing the song with Sesame Street.

Why don't we put it into practice now? Watch the video and write down the names they say. In the second part of the video you can ckeck your answers. Good luck!!!

In case you still want one more exercise:
exercise 1


To say how old you are you have to use verb TO BE!
The question is How old are you?
Possible answers:
- I'm 24 years old
- I'm 24
- 24
Wrong answers:
- I have 24
- I have 24 years
- I'm 24 years

Now watch the video and listen to the people. The second part of the video is the same but with subtitles.

23 oct. 2014


You know the numbers but, are you good at writing them? You can practise by typing in the box the numbers Fernando shows you. Good luck!!


22 oct. 2014


Time for you to speak!!!! Listen to the audio and at the same time read the sentences. When you feel confident record yourself by pressing the red button. Use your own personal information and copy the entonation. When you have finished you can listen to yourself by clicking on the play button. If you are not satisfied with your recording you can record yourself again as many times as you want. Good luck!!!!

1. What's your name ?
My name is Jenny.
2. Where do you come from?
I come from China.
3. Where do you live?
I live in Parramatta.
4. What's your address?
My address is 54 Pine Street, Annandale.
5. What's your telephone number?
My telephone number is 9723 4444.
6. How old are you?
I'm 28 years old.
7. What's your nationality?
I'm Indonesian.
8. Are you married?
No, I'm not. I'm single.
9. Have you got any children?
Yes, I have.
10. What's your occupation?
I'm a doctor.

17 oct. 2014


Review the numbers with these videos.

Numbers 1-30

Numbers 1-100

In this exercise you can practise your listening.
Good luck!

13 oct. 2014

VERB TO BE (present)

And now, would you like to practise verb to be in the present? If the answer is 'YES!' these are some pages where you can do it.
exercise 1 (only verb to be)
exercise 2 (the basics)
exercise 3 (introducing yourselves)
exercise 4 (make it negative)

10 oct. 2014


Remember the saying 'Practice makes perfect', so listen to talkingpeople.net talk about countries, languages and nationalities. This is really good practice!

Listen to the audio. You can downlod it from here

You can read and/or download the script from here


8 oct. 2014


These are the countries we learned in class. How many of them do you remember?

And this is a video where you can listen and learn a lot more, though it's an old video and nowadays some of the countries have changed their names, but it's worth watching.

Here you can practise hangman!
And this is a crossword

6 oct. 2014


Why don't you watch this video to review the days of the week?

And now, why don't you do these exercises? it's good practice!
exercise 1 (what's the correct spelling?)
exercise 2 (put the days in the correct order and give Tom one of his bed bits each time you are right, then another exercise will show).
exercise 3 (this time you have to put the letters in order to get the correct day of the week)
exercise 4 (here you can play hangman, it might not work with firefox, sorry)