17 feb. 2015


 When we say 'when' we not only say the watch time but also we refer to:
  • parts of the day (morning, afternoon, everning)
  • specific time in the day (lunch, dinner)
  • day of the week (Monday, Tuesday, ...)
  • month of the year (January, February, March...)
  • the year (2010, 1984, 1715...)
  • the season (spring, summer, autumn, winter)
  • specific periods of time (Christmas, Easter, weekend) ....
Three prepositions are used AT, IN and ON . Do you remember when to use them? If you don't then have a look at this powerpoint, it will help!!!

Exercise 1 (Choose the correct answer)
Exercise 2 (Write in, at, on, to complete the sentences)
Exercise 3 (Drag each word to the correct group)
Exercise 4 (Complete the sentences with the correct preposition)
Exercise 5 (Choose the right answer)
Exercise 6 (Which is the right preposition to complete the sentence?)


2 comentarios:

  1. thank you teacher, I don't remenber when to use prepositions :( . I need more practice.
    sonia.U.S. basico 1

  2. Thanks to you Sonia!! and don't worry, remember, pratice+patience=success ... :D