16 abr. 2015


To pronounce the past simple of the regular verbs we have to have in mind that is the sound which is important, not the letter or the spelling. So, how do we pronounce the past of the regular verbs? In three different ways.

- When the verb ends in sound /t/ or /d/ ------> /id/

- When the verb ends in an unvoiced sound (/p/,/f/,/s/,/sh/,/ch/,/k/ -----> the final sound is /t/

- When the verb ends in a voiced sound (the rest) ------> /d/

/d/ /t/ /id/
lived worked waited
arrived stopped hated
played asked ended

Now watch the video below to listen to the different sounds of the past of the regular verbs.

Time for you to practise. Why don't you record yourself?. Come on, don't be shy, you can do it!!!!! Remember that theory without practice is nothing.

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