14 abr. 2015


There is no way to know when a verb is regular or irregular, so you have to learn them, and the best way to learn them is practice, practice, practice!!!
In this powerpoint you have some irregular verbs. First you are given the infinitive, before going to the next slide think of this:
- how this verb makes the third person singular in the present
- what the past form of this verb is
- its meaning
Now you can go to the next slide and check if you were right. Do this with all the verbs.

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  1. We have made a free app about English Irregular Verbs, you can download it freely: App Irregular Verbs

    1. I'll have a closer look at it and will tell my students about it, though I've noticed it's not available for iPhones or iPads. Anyway, thanks so much!!!

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