18 dic. 2014


We have already finished UNIT 2, now it's time to check how much you know and how much you remember. Click on the link below to take the test. Don't use your coursebook or notebook or dictionary, and don't forget you need a password. Ask your teacher for it. GOOD LUCK!!!!

17 dic. 2014


Read and listen to this email.

FROM: Rosa Velazquez [rosavelazquez@hotmail.com]
TO: Stefan [stefan7541200@gmail.com]
SUBJECT: Hi from Mexico

Hi Stefan,
My name's Rosa. I'm from Mexico, and I live in Monterrey. I am a receptionist at a hotel. I study English in my free time.
I speak Spanish and a little English. I want to learn English for my job and to travel.
I have a big family. I have three brothers and a sister. My father is a builder and my mother doesn't work. My brothers and my sisters are at school. My brothers are 14, 13 and 10 and my sister is six. I'm 19.
I like music, cinema and sport. I watch football on TV with my family every Saturday.
Please, write soon.
Best wishes


Now remember you have to WRITE a smilar email to your teacher.

16 dic. 2014


Prince William, Prince Charles and Pricess Diana's son and Queen Elizabeth's grandson, married Kate Middleton. But who are Prince William’s family? He belongs to the British Royal family, let’s meet them!

Prince William’s father is Prince Charles, the heir to the throne. His mother was Princess Diana. His father is now married to Camilla. Camilla is Prince William’s stepmother, Prince William is her stepson. Prince Harry is Prince William’s brother.

His father’s bothers are Prince Andrew and Prince Edward. They are Prince William’s uncles. Prince Andrew is divorced from Sarah, his daughters' mother. Sophie is Prince Edward’s wife. Queen Elizabeth is her mother-in-law and Prince Philip is her father-in-law. They are her parents-in-law.

His father’s sister is Princess Anna, she is Prince William’s aunt. Timothy Laurence is her husband. He is Prince Charles’s brother-in-law. He is Peter and Zara’s stepfather. They are his stepchildren. Peter and Zara's father is Mark Philips. Princess Anna and Mark Philips are divorced. Mark is Princess Anna's ex-husband, Princess Anna is Mark's ex-wife.

Queen Elizabeth is Prince William’s grandmother, Prince Philip is his grandfather. They are Prince William’s grandparents, he is their grandson.

Queen Elizabeth has more grandsons and granddaughters, they are her grandchildren and Prince William’s cousins. They are Peter and Zara Philips, who are Princess Anna’s children. Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, who are Prince Andrew’s daughters, and Lady Louise and Viscount Severn, who are Prince Edward’s children. Zara, Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice and Lady Louise are Prince William's father's nieces. Peter and Viscount Severn are Prince William's father's nephews. Peter is married to Autumn Kelly. 

When Kate marries Prince William she will be Prince William's wife, Prince Harry's sister-in-law, and Prince Charles's daughter-in-law.
Now you can listen to the whole text.

12 dic. 2014


Let's practise the vocabulary you learned in class.
exercise 1 ( put the letters in the correct order)

exercise 2 ( reading comprehension)

exercise 3 ( complete the sentences)

exercise 4 ( listen to Monojo and put the letters in the right order to form the word he says)

exercise 5 ( memory game, listen to the words to make pairs)

exercise 6 ( crossword)

exercise 7 ( wordsearch)

11 dic. 2014


To form the possessive for a noun we must add to the noun an apostrophe (') and then the letter “s”.
  • the boy's ball
  • the policeman's wife
  • Mary's house
  • Peter's car

Let's practise the possessive.

exercise 1 (Choose the correct word) 

exercise 2 (Put the words in the correct order) 

exercise 3 (Make correct sentences)

exercise 4 (choose the correct word)

exercise 5 ( click on the words in the correct order)

10 dic. 2014


This is listening practice. There are two parts in the video. In the first part listen to the people saying what their jobs are. In the second part you can read what they say in the subtitles.

Notice that what's your job? = What do you do?

3 dic. 2014


With this video you can practise vocabulary related to jobs. How many of them do you already know?

And now, why don't you try these exercises to practise your vocabulary?

Exercise 1 (Crossword)
Exercise 2 (another crossword with definitions)
Exercise 3 (Crossword, complete the word)
Exercise 4 (Wordsearch)
Exercise 5 (What's the job?)
Exercise 6 (Hangman) (el juego del ahorcado)
Exercise 7 (match the pictures with the jobs)

1 dic. 2014


Listen to the interview. Read the text while you are listening. Then record yourself and compare your recording with the original. This will improve your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills!!

1 What do you do?
I’m an artist. I draw and paint pictures for magazines, books, CD covers – all kinds of things.

2 Where do you work?
I work at home. I have a room just for working in.

3 How many hours do you work?
I normally work about eight hours a day, from 9.30 to 5.30. Sometimes I work again in the evenings or at weekends, when I’m in a hurry to finish a picture.

4 Do you earn a lot of money?
It depends. I earn from about £250 to £3,000 for a picture. Sometimes I have a lot of work but sometimes I don’t. That’s a problem. And I don’t have paid holidays.

5 Do you like your job? Why?
Yes. I love it, because every day is different, and I like using my imagination.

6 What don’t you like about your job?
It’s stressful when I need to work fast and the ideas don’t come. And sometimes it’s lonely when you don’t work with other people.

7 How do you relax after work?
I play the bass in a band called International Airport. We play at weekends in pubs and clubs.