16 dic. 2014


Prince William, Prince Charles and Pricess Diana's son and Queen Elizabeth's grandson, married Kate Middleton. But who are Prince William’s family? He belongs to the British Royal family, let’s meet them!

Prince William’s father is Prince Charles, the heir to the throne. His mother was Princess Diana. His father is now married to Camilla. Camilla is Prince William’s stepmother, Prince William is her stepson. Prince Harry is Prince William’s brother.

His father’s bothers are Prince Andrew and Prince Edward. They are Prince William’s uncles. Prince Andrew is divorced from Sarah, his daughters' mother. Sophie is Prince Edward’s wife. Queen Elizabeth is her mother-in-law and Prince Philip is her father-in-law. They are her parents-in-law.

His father’s sister is Princess Anna, she is Prince William’s aunt. Timothy Laurence is her husband. He is Prince Charles’s brother-in-law. He is Peter and Zara’s stepfather. They are his stepchildren. Peter and Zara's father is Mark Philips. Princess Anna and Mark Philips are divorced. Mark is Princess Anna's ex-husband, Princess Anna is Mark's ex-wife.

Queen Elizabeth is Prince William’s grandmother, Prince Philip is his grandfather. They are Prince William’s grandparents, he is their grandson.

Queen Elizabeth has more grandsons and granddaughters, they are her grandchildren and Prince William’s cousins. They are Peter and Zara Philips, who are Princess Anna’s children. Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, who are Prince Andrew’s daughters, and Lady Louise and Viscount Severn, who are Prince Edward’s children. Zara, Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice and Lady Louise are Prince William's father's nieces. Peter and Viscount Severn are Prince William's father's nephews. Peter is married to Autumn Kelly. 

When Kate marries Prince William she will be Prince William's wife, Prince Harry's sister-in-law, and Prince Charles's daughter-in-law.
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