5 nov. 2014


 Read the text while you listen to it.


Where are English words from?

From Old English
Many basic English words come from Old English, e.g. England, house, woman, man, child, bird, water. They sometimes have irregular pronunciation.

From Latin
Other English words come from Latin, e.g. family, wine, number, school, educate.

From French
Some English words come from French, e.g. royal, hotel, menu, beef.

From other languages
Today English is an international language. Thousands of English words come from other languages, e.g. siesta (Spanish), judo (Japanese).

New words
Every year hundreds of words come into English from new technology, e.g. Internet, text message, e-mail, modem.


And now, why don't you read the text and record yourself? Then compare your recording with the original. Go ahead!!!!

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