19 ene. 2015


Professor Parker, a stress expert from the University of London, looks at Lorraine's typical day and tries to help…

Lorraine, a single mother, works as a guide at the National Gallery in London and she lives with her son George, aged 9.

I get up and I make George’s sandwiches. Then I do some housework. Then I wake up George and make his breakfast. I’m always in a hurry and I don’t have time for breakfast at home.

We cycle to school because the bus is expensive. Then I cycle six miles to work.

I have a sandwich for breakfast in the canteen, and then I start work. My first tour is usually at 9.30. I like my job but I don’t earn much money and I stand all day.

I finish work and I go to pick up George at 5.30. We go shopping.

I cook dinner and help George with his homework. After dinner I do more housework or answer e-mails. I don’t go out in the evening because a babysitter is very expensive.

George goes to bed and I read him a story. Then I go to bed – I’m really tired!

Professor Parker’s advice:
Have breakfast with your son. Do all the housework in the evening. Don’t cycle, get the bus. It’s important to see other people. Invite a friend for a drink once a week.
*6 miles = 9.8 kilometres

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