14 mar. 2015


To talk about what we like or we don't like we use the verbs love, enjoy, like and hate. After these verbs we can use a noun

          She loves chocolate
          They don't like football
          Does he hate the beach?

But we can also use a verb. When we use a verb it usually takes the form of the gerund, that is, we add -ing to the verb.

          He loves going to the cinema
          She doesn't like dancing
          Do they enjoy playing chess?

Remember that there are some rules to add -ing:

* most of the times we just add -ing directly to the verb
          go ---> going                 work ---> working
          study ---> studying        play--->playing

* but when the verb ends in a silent final e preceded by a consonant, we drop the -e and add -ing

         live ---> living                write ---> writing

* when the verb ends in a consonant and it is a strong one syllable verb then we double the final consonant. Also when the verb has two or more syllables but the stress is on the last syllable.

        stop ---> stopping         begin ---> beginning

This video might help you

And of course, nothing better than some practice!!!

exercise 1
exercise 2
exercise 3

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  1. Thanks for this simple but clear explanation.

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    1. Thanks for your kind comment, Alex! As for the comments, there is a lot of spam, way too much, thats why you have to follow those steps. Blogger has only two ways, either you can freely write or follow all these steps, sorry!

  3. thanks teacher for de information